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Sun, Nov 17, 2019

The Unfolding Vision

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You need to strive for what lies ahead, the vision that God has for you. Vision is a picture of a preferable future, where you are going with God. Don't settle for mediocrity. Whenever you decide to pursue God's vision for your life expect resistance and battles. Vision by nature can never be fulfilled if you do not actively pursue it. Vision requires a passionate and relentless pursuit for it to be fulfilled.
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Jeremiah 29:11 (Good News Bible)

God has good plans for you.
- These plans are to bring you prosperity (your welfare) and not disaster, and the future you hope for.
- God is committed to His plan for your life.

You need to strive for what lies ahead, the vision that God has for you.
- You should consistently strive not to be tied to the past but to focus on the future.

Refuse to be imprisoned by your past and be a man/woman of the future.
- You are a man/woman of vision.
- Your life is unfolding; your future looks better than your past.
- You need to take initiative and stop hoping and waiting that things will happen on their own or that your life will self correct.
- You need to refuse for things to passively fall into place.
- You need to prayerfully take action regarding your future.

Philippians 3:13 (KJV, BBE, CEV)
When you are a visionary you reach forth to what is ahead of you.
- You need to forget about past disappointments and move on.
- Stretching forth = initiative
- The vision that God has given you will not just happen.
- Struggle (fight) until you fulfill your God given purpose.

Vision is a picture of a preferable future, where you are going with God.

Vision is the most important thing that God gives you to progress well in life.

Don't settle for mediocrity.
- God has a way to mess up with your complacency and make you move towards the vision in your life.
- God will put a vision in your heart to let you know it's time to move forward.

Abraham had accepted that he would never have a child until God gave him a prophetic Word that he would become a father of many nations.
- God imprints His vision for your life into your mind, something that you can reach towards.
- A vision is there to create a disequilibrium to make you move to where God has destined you to be.

When God speaks He will fulfil. He is not a Man so He does not lie. What He says it will come to pass.

A vision is a picture that God imprints on your heart to pursue until it is accomplished.

Proverbs 29:18 (KJV, RSV, NIV)
When you don't have a vision you settle for a life that is less than what God has for you.

Vision, prophecy and revelation are one and the same.
- Vision = prophecy = revelation

Prophecy unfolds the future.
- Tells you what is coming.
- Reveals the future.

- Uncovering of what is hidden that reveals the future.

Revelation = prophecy = Vision
  - This means vision also unfolds the future.
- Vision by nature is progressive.

1 Samuel 3:1
The Lord kept His revelation word and this made the Israelites be imprisoned in the past.
- Nothing inspired them about the future.
- Vision by nature helps you to break out from what is familiar.

When God wants to move you from where you are stationed, He imprints something into your spirit regarding the future.
- Your life will never become the same again.

Lion King
Simba befriended Pumba and Timon and he began living a life below that of a lion and let alone a king.
- The picture of his late father saying to him he had forgotten who he was, awakened the dead vision in Simba and made him begin pursuing his kingship destiny again.

It is what God says to you in the form of vision that brings forth breakthroughs in your life.
- When God speaks, something begins to happen in you.

Revelation = prophecy = Vision unfolds.
- Unfolds = it starts and ends somewhere.
- God wants you to pursue the vision He has placed in you.

Videre (Latin word) which means to see.
- It describes the capacity to be forward looking or being foresighted.

 Vide (Latin word)
 - It's the word we derive the word video.
- A vision carries similar characteristics as a video.
- A movie by nature unfolds a story. You don't know the full story until at the end of the video.
- You cannot judge your life based on where you are now because your God given vision is still unfolding!
- Do not press the pause button refuse to be stuck in your life.
- A vision becomes clearer as your life unfolds.
- Your vision is unfolding, where you are right now isn't the end of your story.

The devil wants you to take a picture of where you are so that you freeze in the season you currently in.
- A picture imprisons you in a moment.
- You are a person of vision, your life is not frozen but unfolding according to God's plans for your life.
- Don't jump to the wrong conclusion based on where you are today. Allow God's vision for your life to unfold.

Be careful of settling for a life below your potential because of past disappointments and resistance.

In life we have two types of people; settlers and pioneers:

- They have no vision.
- Are conservative and don't push boundaries
- They thrive in security, stability, predictability and preserving the past.
- They ask why things should change.
- They are satisfied with the way things are.

God will never allow your life to be static.
- He is a God of progress. He wants your life to move forward.

Radical people who don't mind to push boundaries and go where no-one has gone before.
- They actively pursue God's vision for them.
- They ask why should things not change.
- They focus on the future and are always thirsty and hungry for more.
- They thrive on adventure and claiming new territory.

Whenever you decide to pursue God's vision for your life expect resistance and battles.
- the devil will fight you to not fulfil God's vision for your life.

Vision by nature can never be fulfilled if you do not actively pursue it.

Vision no matter how great it is, will not be fulfilled if you do not act on it.
- Faith without works is dead.

Vision requires a passionate and relentless pursuit for it to be fulfilled.
- The only way for you to know the best route to go is to drive. You will never reach your destiny if you are static.
- Unless you start moving in the direction of your vision, you won't get there.

When you are driving the car called vision there are three types of mirrors you need:

* Windscreen
 - It helps you to look where you are going.
- Make sure you have a clear view of where you are going. Wipe away all the distractions.

** Rearview mirror
- It shows you where you are coming from.
- Look at it here and there but don't focus on it too much or it will distract you.

** Side mirrors
 - They show you who is coming against you. Don't focus on them.
- Always look through the windscreen and hear the Words that God is saying about your future and take responsibility.

Every time when God gives you a vision, He is about to do a new things.

How to pursue your God given vision:

1. Listen carefully to the whispers and promptings of the Holy Spirit.
- What has the Holy Spirit been talking to you about?
- Psalm 37:23 - God leads you into your future in steps and not leaps.
- Each step gives you the opportunity to learn certain skills for the future.
- Each step is a step closer to where God is taking you.

They are times when God's whispers are very faint and you are in danger of missing Him.
- You need to learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
- You have to ensure that you never take lightly what God whispers into your heart as they lead you to His vision for your life.

Never underestimate the time you spend with God during your quiet time praying and reading His Word.

2. Write down what God tells you.
- If you don't write it down, the possibility of forgetting what God says is high.
- Find a way to record what the Holy Spirit prompts you to do.

God speaks to us in different ways to lay His vision onto our hearts.

Sometimes when God speaks we tend to think that we have understood what He is saying and how He will accomplish it.
- Its only when the prophetic Word is fulfilled can you finally understand what God had said.
- Writing God's promptings will help you to stay on course during the difficult times of your life.

Every vision God gives you is tested and challenged.
- When you write down your God given vision it will help you stay on course despite the challenges that you are facing.

Write down what God says, it will save you from false prophets.

3. Obey God's instruction and get into action mode.
- If you don't get into action you will have problems.

4. Be persistent to see the vision through.
- Reality is that when you decide to follow God you will face challenges. Be encouraged, God has made you an overcomer. He knows how the story will end in your favour.
- Every vision needs you to be persistent.
- Sometimes it's going to take longer than you thought.

When you go through periods of darkness in your life, remember what God said when it was light.
- Keep holding onto the last Word God gave you.

Habbakuk 2:3

5. Give honor and glory to God when the vision is fulfilled.

Deuteronomy 1:11
- As you wait for God's vision to be fulfilled in your life, He will multiply, move you to territories and dimensions you have never reached before.
- God is already commited to you reaching the end.
- God never abandons what He has begun. Don't allow anything to make you press the stop button. God will complete the good work He has begun in your life.
- God's vision for your life is unfolding.