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Sun, Dec 01, 2019

Unexpected Complications

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We will always experience unexpected complications when we are part of a bigger story and our response is critical. The best way to respond to unexpected complications is to rest assure that God is always at work. For He is sovereign, supernatural and providential.

When you love God with your emotions, thoughts and spirit, that's only when your physical energy gets involved.

There is no Christianity without Christ.

Sooner or later in your walk with God, you are going to encounter challenges.
- Challenges of life either make you better or bitter.
-  How are going to react when the unexpected happens?

Matthew 1:18-25
Good news from God comes with complications.
- What is good for God may not necessarily be a good thing in your perspective.
- Although Jospeh knew that Jesus wasn't his, he was still willing and obedient to name him as his adoptive father.

You haven't become a Christian yet if you haven't made a decision to trust God when He doesn't make sense.

When you decide to participate in an extensive story, you should expect at least once, to face unexpected complications. When you do, what will your response be?

1. God is always at work!
You can never be a triumphant Christian if you do not believe that regardless how bad things are, God is still at work in your life.

Knowing God is always at work gives you victory.

i. God is sovereign
He does not need your permission on how He should work.
- All is well, God is sovereign.

2 Chronicles 20:6
God has a better and clearer perspective of life as He sees and knows everything.

Whatever God allows in your life it's an opportunity for Him to be at work in your life.

What do you do when your Christianity begins to be blamed for your lack of progress in your life?

 Psalm 115:3
- The  position of God remains the same.
 - The day you make peace that God will do what He wants, when and how He wants, it is the day you wholly become free.

Some delays are orchestrated by God so that He can prepare the environment for you.

ii. God is providential
Providence - God uses mysterious ways to fulfil His purpose for your life.
- Psalm 58 - His thoughts are not our thoughts.

Your life becomes difficult when you put God into a box and expect Him to act in a certain area.
- God is bigger than your 'small' world. He is in charge and in control.
- God's grace is sufficient for you regardless of what you are going through.
- God has ways are better, bigger and wiser than yours. He uses what doesn't make sense to you to answer your prayers.
- He works in ways we cannot explain or make sense of.

iii. God is supernatural
He works beyond the natural norms.
- Never box God to work in the way you want Him to work.

Do not try to figure out how things will fall into place but rather put your trust in God being able to make things fall into place.

God ensures that the birth of your vision is supernatural and He will use His providence and sovereignty to sustain it.
- Whatever God has determined it will come to pass regardless of what you are facing.
- When God says something will happen, it will happen. Settle it in your spirit that it is done.
- When He speaks, He has already completed His work.

2. God's work brings unexpected complications:
* Jospeh of Jacob
- God gave Joseph dreams of the magnificent future awaiting him. However, Joseph did not know that he had to go through the pit, endure betrayal and the prison.
- God focuses on working on your character as He is committed on what you are becoming.

Complicated situations are there to prune you to become who God has called you to be.
- Genesis 41 - it was for the salvation of many that Jospeph had to go through what He went through.

You are not forgotten, God is strategically keeping you.

When things happen in God's time, everything will make sense.

** Moses
Exodus 5:1-8
The prophetic Word of God didn't produce what Moses was expecting.
- Moses expected that God would immediately deliver the Israelites.
- Sometimes when God speaks into your life that's when you face your greatest battles unexpectedly.

* Paul and Silas

3. God works through submissive people.
God will never use you powerfully until you totally submit to Him.
- God does mighty exploits through those who are submissive towards Him.

 Joseph's options:
* The Letter of the Law
The law was for him to divorce Mary and our her in danger of being stoned to death.
- Joseph needed to decide if he was going to focus on the the Law and not what God had told him.
- Matthew 5:20
- Your behaviour is based on what God has laid on your heart.

** The Law of Love
It is always higher than the letter the law.
- Focusing on love rather than what they law says.

Deuteronomy 24:1
Love is the only force that is able to transform an enemy into a friend.

* The Law of submissive obedience.
Be totally submitted to God in full submission.
- When you submit, you connect with what God is doing and fulfilling His purposes.

When God leads you to do what your mind cannot comprehend it is an opportunity for you partner with Him.

You need to learn to be reflective.
- Thoughtless Christians do more damage as they don't open up to a Sovereign God.

God spoke to Joseph four times and he obeyed everything that God said.

Joseph's strengths:
* saintly
Joseph wanted to live differently to please God.
- Give your life fully to God and live according to His wisdom against all.

** sensible
When God speaks do not debate with God, you need to obey.
- Don't rush into making decisions; think about the pros and cons.

* sensitive
Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
- Obey whenever  God gives you instructions.

** submissive

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